Zerobag Story

Zerobag® is all about striving towards a world that exists without a reliance on plastic bags & supporting the skydive industry that supplies it.

The company was formed in Christchurch in early 2009 by a young Kiwi designer. He began developing the concept while travelling overseas for several years living in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Disgusted by the amount of bags he saw littering the streets while travelling, he began to search for the perfect recycled and re-usable bag.

The process left him frustrated as most bags were too bulky to fit in his pocket and were consequently often left forgotten at home. A conversation at a party in Paris about skydiving and re-usable bags eventually sparked the Zerobag® idea.

With the help of creative friends and much trial and error he began to fashion his own re-usable product and Zerobag® was born.

The concept is a simple, funky solution that will satisfy the needs of the environmentally conscious without breaking the bank and its neutral design will appeal to girls and guys of all ages. Small and lightweight, you can slide one into your pocket or several in your handbag.

Aaron Jones